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Trimec EM Lock Brackets

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The Trimec Electromagnetic lock range offers a number of accessory options. These accessories allow the electromagnetic locks to be used in a number of different applications and can be adjusted and suited to each situation. This allows the installer to configure the door as required allowing user specific features such as open in / open out selection or glass door applications. Trimec’s Electromagnetic Lock accessories meet or exceed local and international standards, providing safe and secure locking.

Trimec Z4 Non-Monitored EM Lock (600lbs)

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The Single Series Electromagnetic Locks operate with holding forces from 140kg up to 580kg. Covering a range of applications the Z2, Z4 and Z8 Electromagnets are ideal for applications from cupboard doors through to high use commercial swing doors. With fixing options including wood, aluminium and steel constructions, as well as glass door applications, the range caters to most electromagnetic needs.