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AT Jalousie Frame

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In the days before central air conditioning became common, jalousie windows were a common window upgrade for increased airflow. Jalousie windows provide near 100% airflow when completely opened. AT Jalousie frames are help in place by aluminum frames and mechanisms. It provides easy access for home owners to get airflow to their homes. AT Jalousie frames are available in 4” blades configuration Note: Analok Color is available subject to MOQ

Doormax Jalousie Frame

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Doormax Jalousie frame gives a better experience of constructing Jalousie windows with a more sturdy and premium construction compared to the traditional jalousie Doormax Jalousie Frames are available in 4” configuration

Shutter Best Jalousie Frame

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Shutter BEST Jalousie is exclusively distributed by Chain Glass Enterprises Inc. which has a more premium built to the traditional jalousie. In comparison to traditional jalousie, which is made of aluminum, it has a cleaner and sleeker finish. The frame for Shutter BEST jalousie is made of aluminum. However, the blades and the handles are all made of special cast polymer The advantage of Shutter Best Jalousie is the blades are not easily bent unlike the traditional jalousies. Hence, air and water will not easily be able to enter the building. Shutter Best is available in 4 or 6 inch blade configurations